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White Balance Systems - ClearWhite

The ultimate product for easily obtaining the correct white balance in any lighting situation.

  • Standard size works with all lenses up to 95mm diameter
  • Larger size works with all lenses including those over 95mm diameter
  • Easy to use - simply hold in front of your lens when making your white balance setting
  • Extremely accurate neutral color results
  • Handy - includes premium quality soft fabric bag with velcro closure and neck strap
  • Texture-free filter gives the ability to accurately dust-map/error-check your sensor
  • Texture-free filter allows precise Zone System calibrations with film or digital
  • Create LCC profiles for your lenses
  • Comprehensive manual included - fits in the filter bag
  • ClearWhite neutral gray card, durable and accurate, for additional professional use

Every ClearWhite white balance system comes with complete instructions for use (including charts, white balance strategies, a simple Quick Guide and a user's-preference page), a ClearWhite filter with premium quality fabric bag and removable soft black neck strap, and a ClearWhite neutral gray card with quality verification label. Available in 2 sizes - Standard size (4"x4" - 100mmx100mm) and Large size (5"x5" - 126mmx126mm).

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