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Genesis "TRUECOLOR" IR Neutral Density Filters 150mm x 150mm - Progrey

  • $199.00

Progrey GENESIS TRUECOLOR square ND filters. World's highest quality glass neutral density filters in various densities (up to 12 stops!) and sizes to fit Progrey holders. These ultra-quality IRND filters will produce very minimal to no color shift, yielding natural results.

GENESIS TRUECOLOR ND filters have an anti-reflection coating better than other brands and are precision made to assure the highest degree of clarity and sharpness possible. An anti-static coating makes them easier to clean and less prone to dust and fingerprints. Includes a premium quality, soft fabric bag with velcro flap.

When used with the Progrey G-150X holder or the Progrey G-150Z holder, light leaks and unwanted flare are non-existant because of the unique light-blocking foam design.

For a comparison test of various ND filters click here.

This size fits the G-150X and G-150Z filter holders as well as most other brand holders that accept 150mm thin design filters.

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