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Progrey TITAN Glass Polarizing Filters - high transmission - round

  • $129.00

World-class Progrey TITAN glass circular polarizing filters. Housed in an ultra-thin, extremely rigid anodized black metal ring. Premium quality, high transmission filters - will not yield as uneven of a polarizing effect when used with wide angle lenses as some other polarizing filters do.

TITAN polarizer filters are designed to give very minimal color shift. Titanium coating will minimize static and scratches, making these filters easy to clean and less prone to smudges and fingerprints. Includes a premium quality, soft black fabric bag with velcro flap.

  • High-Quality dyed glass of the finest clarity - a superior formulation of Schott Glass
  • High transmission - yields more even polarization with wide angle lenses
  • Minimal color shift, neutral gray polarizer
  • Ridged metal ring facilitates quick attaching/detaching from lens or CPL adaptor
  • Anti-reflection HQ coating with maximum clarity
  • Anti-scratch surface to make cleaning easier and safer
  • 105mm to fit Progrey Canon TS-E 17mm adaptor

The 105mm diameter variant fits the new Progrey TS-E 17mm adaptor for the G-120X filter holder and does not have a rotating ring. The Progrey TS-E 17mm adapter allows easy rotation of the filter.

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