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G-100X Adapter for Hasselblad

  • $24.00

The Hasselblad adapters for the G-100X holder allow you to attach the G-100X holder to your lens (or several lenses). This adapter has 77mm front threads, allowing a round filter (such as circular polarizer) of 77mm diameter to be screwed into the front of the adapter. This can allow the use of a round filter in addition to 1, 2 or 3 slide-in filters at the same time. Progrey Hasselblad adapters have a very narrow profile which minimizes the possibility of vignetting with extreme wide angle lenses.

A unique feature of most Progrey CPL adapters, including the Hasselblad adapter, is the sliding window design. This allows easy adjustment (rotating) of a circular polarizer from behind the camera - even when slide-in filters are attached! The sliding windows close completely to eliminate any possibility of light leaks from behind.

Progrey filter holders and adapters are machined to tight tolerances using extremely lightweight, ultra-hard aerospace aluminum and anodized to an elegant, flat black finish to eliminate unwanted flare and reflections. With Progrey holders and adapters, you won't be compromising your expensive camera and lens investments!

To select the proper adapter size, choose from the drop-down list. Simply select the proper adapter size that matches your Hasselblad filter specification.