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G-150Z triple filter clip

Progrey G-150Z Triple Filter Clips

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These clips allows the use of up to 3 square or rectangular filters with the G-150Z holder at a time. For example, you can easily use a Progrey ND filter, a Progrey Aurora Reverse GND filter and a Progrey Titan GND filter at the same time!

These triple filter clips are exactly the same in quality, design and functioning as the G-150Z double clips and are offered here as replacements clips if the original packaged clips are lost or damaged. The early versions of the G-150Z did not come packaged with triple clips, so these will allow you to expand your possibilities if your G-150Z did not come with triple clips.

Made of aero-aluminum and anodized, the quality design and construction allows the use of not only Progrey filters but other brand filters as well - with no danger of the filters sliding out accidentally! Miles ahead of other brands, the Progrey "Z" clips show a commitment to quality down to the finest design detail. All "Z" style clips utilize a 3 point smooth pressure design on each clip, allowing filters to be smoothly adjusted yet snugly gripped to avoid slippage or breakage.

These clips are sold as a pair (2 clips) and the price is for 1 pair of clips. Using triple filter clips on the G-150Z holder may very slightly increase the possibility of vignetting when used with ultra-wide angle lenses, such as 15mm or wider.

Important note: The use of the triple clips on focal lengths wider than 15mm, on a full frame sensor, will cause very slight vignetting. This is especially important with the Zeiss 15mm Ultra-Wide and when using the 14 to 15mm focal lengths of zoom lenses. If the use of 3 filters is desired for the Zeiss 15mm lens we recommend a 95mm round filter (such as a polarizer) to screw into the Zeiss threads, in addition to 2 other square or rectangular filters being held by the double clips (included with the G-150Z holder).