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Progrey G-120Z Filter Holder

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The MAGNETIC filter system by Progrey began as an innovative idea back in 2014. Now in it's 2nd generation, with refinements made after extensive testing, the Progrey G-100Z and G-120Z systems and rapid-attach magnetic Antarctica filters are finally available worldwide through ProgreyUSA.

The new Progrey G-120Z filter holder accommodates 120mm wide flat filters, just like it's sister product the G-120X. It includes a pair of double clips and a pair of triple clips for using up to 3 slide-in filters at a time.

The Progrey G-120Z filter holder is ideal for use on lenses as wide as 15mm that have a "threaded lens barrel", especially on full frame sensor cameras, as well as normal to telephoto focal lengths. Consider this filter holder system if your widest angle lens is 15mm (on a full frame sensor) or 10mm (on a crop sensor) and has a filter thread lens barrel.

The G-120Z differs from it's former sister product, the G-120X, in several ways. The biggest difference is the new, revolutionary method of attaching round ND filters and round polarizer filters. The G-120Z accepts the new, advanced Progrey "Antarctica" cpl filters and the Progrey "Antarctica" ND filters. These filters have a magnetized ring and are simply held up against the G-120Z adapter to immediately attach via a secure magnetic attraction. No more fumbling to carefully screw-in fine-threaded filters with freezing fingers. The attachment is instantaneous, meaning you won't waste time and "miss the shot" by carefully screwing in a threaded filter.

Also, the G-120Z has a larger and more easily accessible knurled knob for tightening or adjusting the 120Z adapter. More efficient than the G-120X system.

Please view these videos showing how quickly and precisely Progrey filters can be used with the G-120Z system: Video1, Video2, Video3.

Progrey "120-Z" series adapters (sold separately) must be used to attach the G-120Z to your lens. These G-120Z adapters have knurled edge grooves with an internal rotating ring so that adjustment of an attached polarizer from behind the camera is fast and easy.

Please view the G-120Z adapters page for more details.

Please note: The G-120Z and 120mm items are currently special order. If it isn't listed as in-stock, please contact us and we will be happy to order it for you.

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