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Progrey G-175Z Filter Holder with Adapter for Canon 11-24 Lens

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Introducing the new Progrey G-175Z filter holder! A slightly larger version of the immensely popular Progrey G-150Z filter holder, the G-175Z will fit a variety of ultra wide angle lenses and threaded lenses. There is no need to remove your lens to install or remove the G-175Z holder!

The G-175Z can be purchased with the included appropriate adapter for your ultra-wide lens (saving you money) on this page, and additional adapters for ultra-wide lenses and adapters for threaded lenses can be purchased as well, making this system the world's most versatile 175mm filter holder! The G-175Z holder accepts the very same threaded adapters as the G-150Z (adapters for threaded lenses) should you wish to use it on your threaded lenses as well.

The G-175Z filter holder comes with 2 pairs of filter clips: a double filter clip (for 2 flat filters) and a triple filter clip (for 3 flat filters). Filter clips can be exchanged by simply loosening or tightening gnurled knobs with your fingers - no need for extra tools! A durable, lightweight metal lens cap is included. It simply slides into one of the filter rails to protect your valuable lens from blowing sand, dust and water spray.

The Progrey G-175Z, like all other meticulously crafted Progrey filter holders, are worldwide leaders and are designed to minimize or eliminate potential flare when using high density ND filters, such as the Progrey Genesis ND1000X, without the need for custom modifications. The Progrey G-175Z easily and securely attaches to your lens without the need to remove your lens! The G-175Z accepts 175mm wide flat filters.

  • Fits primarily the Canon 11 - 14mm Ultra wide lens
  • Adapters ("Z" series) available to fit threaded lenses: 77mm, 82mm, 95mm and 105mm
  • Quickly and securely attaches without removing your lens
  • Made of all metal aerospace aluminum
  • All metal lens cap included to protect your lens from blowing sand, dust and water spray
  • Finger-touch lock button - quickly locks/unlocks the holder from the adapter
  • Includes a pair of double filter clips and triple filter clips. Replacement¬† filter clips are available separately
  • Filter clips can be exchanged by simply loosening and tightening knobs with your fingers
  • Designed to minimize or completely eliminate light leaks especially with ND filters
  • Precision clip design uses 3 point pressure - keeps filters secure yet easily adjustable
  • Accepts standard (thin) 175mm filters of any brand

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