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Genesis II TRUECOLOR IR Neutral Density Filters 150mm x 150mm - Progrey

  • $199.00

Progrey GENESIS II TRUECOLOR square ND filters. World's highest quality glass neutral density filters in various densities (up to 14 stops!*) and sizes to fit Progrey holders. These ultra-quality IR ND filters will produce very minimal to no color shift, best in the world, yielding natural results. Experience what our reviewers are raving about!

GENESIS II TRUECOLOR ND filters have an anti-reflection coating better than other brands and are precision made to assure the highest degree of clarity and sharpness possible. An anti-static coating makes them easier to clean and less prone to dust and fingerprints. Coatings will not crack or deteriorate over time and extreme temperature changes like some other brands. Multi-coated with verified excellent IR blocking to eliminate color crossovers. These coatings do make a difference! Includes a premium quality, soft fabric bag with velcro flap.

When used with the Progrey G-150X holder or the Progrey G-150Z holder, light leaks and unwanted flare are non-existant because of the unique light-blocking foam design.

All Progrey Genesis ND filters come with already attached black light-blocking foam.

For a comparison test of various ND filters click here.

Review of the highly acclaimed Infrared (IR) blocking of Progrey Genesis II filters please view Stephen Hamacek's video.

This size fits the G-150X and G-150Z filter holders as well as most other brand holders that accept 150mm thin design filters.

*14 stop available on special order

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