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NEUTRAL DENSITY FILTERS - MAGNETIC - Progrey Antarctica, Round - Color neutral

  • $129.00

NEW! World-class, unique design Progrey ANTARCTICA Neutral Density Schott glass filters. Housed in a rigid anodized black metal ring with internal magnets. These round ND filters are meticulously designed to give very minimal or no color shift. Includes a premium quality, soft fabric bag with velcro flap.

Progrey ANTARCTICA filters feature the new rapid-attach capability so you won't miss your shot when the light is fleeting! Inside the rigid aerospace aluminum ring, magnetized spots allow the Antarctica filters to instantly snap snugly in place when held up to a Progrey G-100Z or Progrey G-120Z adapter.  Even with cold fingers, or wearing gloves, this revolutionary system eliminates fumbling and time waste that is common with threaded filters.

Please view these very short videos to see how easily and quickly these filters can be installed and even stacked: Video1, Video2, Video3

These are round filters so by their very nature you will not experience any flare or light leaks with extremely long exposures. Progrey Antarctica filters do not have any threads.

  • High-Quality dyed Schott glass of the finest clarity possible
  • Extremely even densities
  • Minimal or no color shift
  • Magnetic ring facilitates quick attaching to a G-100Z or G-120Z adapter
  • Anti-reflection HQ coatings with maximum clarity
  • Anti-scratch surface to make cleaning easier and safer
  • Available in 2 densities: ND32 (5 stop) and ND1000 (10 stop)
  • Special formulation of Schott glass makes these glass filters far less likely to break or shatter when hit or dropped
  • Refraction is reduced by 7% compared to other Progrey glass filters

Please carefully choose your preferred size and density from the drop-down list. Prices vary depending on size and density.

Please note: The G-120Z and 120mm items are currently special order. If it isn't listed as in-stock, please contact us and we will be happy to order it for you.

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