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Progrey ND1000X EXTREME - 10 stop round ND filter

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World-class Progrey Neutral Density EXTREME version round glass filters. Housed in an ultra-thin, extremely rigid anodized black metal ring with an extra wide shoulder to prevent vignetting with ultra-wide lenses. These 10 stop ND round filters are meticulously designed to give very minimal color shift. Includes a premium quality, soft black fabric bag with velcro flap. The world's only High Density ND filters made to prevent excessive darkening of the image toward the edges!

Because of the slim, non-vignetting design, ND1000X EXTREME filters do not have front threads.

  • High-Quality dyed glass of the finest clarity
  • Designed to prevent darkening toward edges
  • 10 stop density
  • Minimal color shift
  • Ridged metal ring facilitates quick attaching/detaching from lens or CPL adaptor
  • Anti-reflection HQ coating with maximum clarity
  • Anti-scratch surface to make cleaning easier and safer
  • Extra-wide shoulder, larger ND glass surface to prevent vignetting with ultra-wide lenses
  • Available in 2 sizes: 77mm and 82mm

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