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Bodhi Smith with Progrey G-120Z on Easter Island

Media Unlocked, USA This has to be the best filter system we have ever tested or tried out to date.Review of the ProGrey USA Filter System For Your Lenses - Maybe The Best System On The Market. Youtube review, PART 1:

f11 News article features Paulo Silva - a Progrey Master Photographer. Paulo is widely recognized as one of Portugal's finest photographers.

Land Of Light Photography, UK About a year ago I was offered to test a set of ND filters by Progrey USA and ever since it was a very happy marriage!
I shoot thousands of photographs with them in all possible conditions, from coastal locations to mountains they were exposed to harsh conditions and no matter the weather - rain, snow, wind or sun they constantly delivered the finest quality, very impressed with them!
This year I was offered to test a brand new 'Z' holders and round CPL & ND Antarctica filters that magnetically attach to the holder - what a brilliant idea!
Here are some of the first shots taken with the new set, superior colour reproduction and clarity, no colour shifts or light leaks, more tests and shots to follow soon...
Tomasz' review on Facebook

Gavin Duncan, UK My photo bag has gone through many changes over the years but Progrey filters have remained constant. Exceptional filters.

Stephen Hamacek, Australia Stephen Hamacek performed a comparison of Progrey Genesis ND filters against several other brands, testing the IR blocking effectiveness with sensitive video cameras, such as Blackmagic. Any haziness in this video test when testing stacked Progrey filters is due to the extreme low-light auto focusing of the camera in addition to extremely small depth of field using video under these conditions. It is not a result of any loss of sharpness do to stacking multiple Progrey filters. "I’ve tried to be thorough enough to really show the difference compared with some NDs I had. Overall I’m very impressed with their performance, they really seem to exhibit very neutral colour even at the highest (i.e. 8x + 128x stacked) reduction I could do, and they totally seem to alleviate the IR contamination that the Blackmagic is susceptible to. This should also relate to numerous other video cameras as well." Youtube video showing the remarkable effectiveness of the excellent IR blocking of Progrey Genesis ND filters:

Peter Zelinka, USA If I could sum up the Progrey G-150Z in one word it would be: Quality. Nearly every aspect of the Progrey G-150Z has been designed incredibly well.  This is the pinnacle of 150mm filter systems!  The Genesis 10 Stop ND also works quite well, with minimal color cast and no vignette at 14mm.  Plus, the 77mm adapter ring allows me to use this system with all of my other lenses.

If you have been considering jumping up to the 150mm system for your wide angle lens, you can't do any better than the Progrey system.  Frankly, I think the Progrey G-150Z is the best filter holder on the market right now.

Emanuel Ribiero, Portugal Lately, I have used a small group of ProgreyUSA filters and they have exceeded my expectations and given me excellent results.
I have to say that I have used other brands before and I can guarantee that ProgreyUSA is at the same, if not higher level, of some of the most known neutral density filter brands in the market. I have spent the last days of July and the entire month of August in Portugal, in Ericeira, an area where the wind is a constant and obviously the spray from the sea something always present. One of the very first things I notice about ProgeyUSA filters was their weight. They are light and easy to transport and use. When they get sea spray on them, you only need to shake them a little and any water residue promptly disappears from the filter surface. I have only been using Soft grad 0.6 and 0.9, as well as the Reverse 0.9, but they have become my top choice when it comes to filters to use for seascape and landscape photography. The colours are incredible real and there are no sights of vignetting at the corners.

Nathan McCreery, USA Famed American photographer and workshop instructor Nathan McCreery recently reviewed the Progrey G-100X holder and several Progrey filters. Please view his review here. View Nathan's website at

Paulo Silva, Portugal  Tests with Progrey ND 1000x .... i have no dout that your product is better then LEE 😊 No color cast at all no vignetting and really 10 stops! Congrats! Really love to work with your products.

Lincoln Harrison, Australia Review of the G-150Z by Australia's most prominent photographer, Lincoln Harrisom:

David Disponett, Media Unlocked, USA  Progrey USA5 star review

Photographers find themselves in low light situations all the time and we’re taught early how to deal with that through the exposure triangle or adding OCF or strobes. But what do we do when we have the opposite situation: too much light? We usually run for the hills and hide mumbling something about harsh light or coming back later.

There is a tool that can help. A set of Neutral Density (ND) filters can cut the light reaching your sensor and let you get that shot. You can shoot a waterfall with a 4 second exposure when the sun is high and still get that silky water you want. Portraits can be done in the sun. Longer exposures which allow you to capture motion become easier. You can drop your aperture to get the bokeh you’re looking for. Graduated filters allow you to adjust the light to capture more vibrancy in a sunset or sunrise shot and add a few more crucial minutes of shooting time to your day.

In this video (which is part 1 of a two part series) we introduce you to what we think is the best filter system out there, the ND filters from Progrey. Most people have heard of Lee or Cokin or Nisi but not Progrey. That needs to change because you REALLY need this in your bag.

Mark Degner, Canada Based on my review of the Progrey filter system, I have decided to switch over completely to it. Excerpt from full review in the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine: "Overall, we were very impressed with the Progrey G-100X filter holder, adapter rings and filters; not only are they all well made and durable, they are also reasonably priced. All the Progrey filters that we tried out had great optical quality..."

Mark and Leslie Degner wrote an update of the Progrey review, along with a review of the ClearWhite white balance system, in the spring 2016 issue of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. A pdf excerpt can be viewed here.

Jonathan Zdziarski, USA Got the (G-150X) - thanks for getting it out so quick! It seems to work without any light leak on a 10-stop as long as it’s in the closest slot to the lens. Impressive! Been loving this ProGrey setup, took it to Norway and Hawaii this year and have had fantastic results with 3 filters attached.

Just thought you’d like to know that ProGrey’s competition (NiSi) is just terrible, at least in terms of their filter system. I wrote up a quick blog post here:

I (previously) used the NiSi holder. Tolerances were so bad it bent a resin filter permanently and shattered the Lee Big Stopper.

Dewald Kirsten, South Africa Dewald Kirsten's full video review of the Progrey G-100X system and GND filters  Website:

Manuel Tobarra, Spain I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of Progrey filters and filter holders. Including a great quality soft fabric bag for the filters is a nice touch. These are excellent products that will satisfy the most demanding users. Thanks ProgreyUSA.
Manuel Tobarra's complete reviews of Progrey holders and filters at , , and .

Liyun Yu, USA I am so glad to find and own the G-150Z adapter for my Zeiss 15mm Distagon Lens. So far I have tested four brands and own three of the 150mm filter adapters designed for the Carl Zeiss 15mm lens. The G-150Z is the best among all in quality and performance based on my experience. The G-150Z is designed to allow mounting without having to take the lens off the camera body which is a big plus for landscaping photography due to environments and shooting situations. The quality of materials and the feeling in hands both meet my expectations. The G-150Z comes with a lens cover to use while the holder is mounted, which other brands did not have. For the Zeiss 15mm lens owner who is planning to use the 150mm filter, I would highly recommend this one above others. ProgreyUSA also has an add-on adapter to allow the G-150Z to be used with 77mm lenses which I find very convenient when I am not using the Zeiss 15mm lens. Will share more experiences in future time.

John Topey Soliven, UK My first impression is the build quality, it's superb and top notch! I was even surprised that the adapter has a window opening for (adjusting) a CPL filter! Best of both worlds aye?! :) Just got home from a photo trip, and finally I was able to test the filters in an outdoor shoot. I'm impressed! Reviews of Progrey products by John Topey Soliven can be seen at: and .

David Maynard, UK Before I found Progrey by accident, I used Hitech 100 x 150 filters and was not happy due to magenta cast and sometimes reddish cast, sold it!! Then found Nisi filters as they look good and no cast BUT found a problem with scratches on one side of the coated surface which scratched very easily, also hard grad can be difficult to adjust at Horiz. After I returned them to the manufacturer for replacement due to scratches, when received replacements I found hard grad becomes like soft grad!!!! In fact Nisi have changed grads!!! Then I decided to try Cokins Z pro but rubbish, too much color casts.

I looked up Lee filters in the Uk BUT very expensive and lack of stocks around in Uk. Then I found Progrey to be very interesting as many reviews are happy with Progrey so I took test images with (Progrey) Hard Grad 0.6 and found no cast at all and the quality of filters are excellent...... Round edges are clever design to make it easier to insert into the holder. And you have a good stock of filters/holders available and services are excellent, from USA to Uk in 7 days. I am looking (to buy) more filters and holders soon. I would recommend Progrey to my friends.

Bodhi Smith , USA I really like and would highly recommend the Progrey System of filters for any photographer interested in getting as much of a composition as correct as possible "in-camera" rather than in post-production processing. Each of the filters I have used are of a very high quality, and this is combined with an extremely well designed and soundly constructed filter holder.

I have been a faithful LEE filter system user for the past three years, and I have been willing to work around the small number of limitations I have noticed with using LEE filters. However, recently I have been noticing a drop-off in the quality of LEE's ND proglass filters, which is the reason I now find myself searching for a better neutral density filter company to meet my expanding needs in photography. In my search, I discovered ProGrey Filters. In my experiences using the Progrey G-120X filters, I have found them to outperform the 100mm LEE Filters in just about every way possible. The prices of Progrey filters, filter holder, and adapter rings are comparable to being even with, and in many cases less than those price points of LEE products. But the material and design quality of Progrey Filters far exceeds LEE.

The G-120X Progrey 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter thoroughly outperforms Its LEE equivalent. When using the ten stop Progrey ND filter (LEE equivalent being its Big Stopper 3.0ND), there is no light leakage in long exposures whatsoever, even if it is placed just slightly off center which is not the case with the LEE Big Stopper. The Progrey filter holder also holds the 10 Stop filter most snuggly in place so that no slippage occurs during shooting session or when changing camera and tripod anchor positions while leaving the filters still on the front of the lens. The LEE Big Stopper does not always stay in position as it does not fit as nicely into the LEE filter holder as the Progrey 10-Stop ND does.

Jeff Deveau , USA I have been really enjoying using your products. I have found that the 150mm system has really allowed me the freedom to shoot at whatever focal length i want with any of my lenses. I love that freedom. I got some amazing shots with the filters and haven't noticed any issues really. We will definitely be recommending them to our students. The quality and price is right and i feel that your system is more than competitive with all of Lee filters offerings. I know the other night I was talking about the holder for the 14-24mm and it really is the nicest thing available by a decent margin. I have used the 120mm system as well on my other lenses. My father has also used them a few times and sang their praises. The fit and finish is just a cut above. Everything feels like serious quality. We have a San Francisco workshop in the works and I will definitely be recommending people pick up the Progrey system. I love that we can offer them a 120mm option as well as a lot of the shots we take are ultra wide angle. ....I cannot recommend them enough. It will be the system I recommend to our students moving forward.

Debbie Rubin, USA 5 star review of the G-150Z holder: I shoot with a Nikon D-810, D-800, and purchased the G-150Z filter holder with the adapter for my 14-24 lens. It is a wonderful system. With an additional adapter, it can be used with the 77mm lenses as well. I had originally purchased the Lee Filter system which was difficult to slide my filter in and out. It also allowed light to seep into my shots. This system is easy to use, comes with a lens cover which is very convenient when not in use. The filters are of high quality and seemingly built to last. So happy to have found PROGREY USA.

Suman Kumar Raju R, USA 5-star review of the G-150Z holder: After spending many days on reviewing the best filter adapters for Nikon 14-24mm, I finally landed here. And i am proud that i made the right choice. This is really solid build, I am sure that this will last for years. I highly recommend to buy this holder from Progrey, Another great advantage is that i can use the same filter system with adapter on my Nikon 70-200mm 2.8G lens too. Front cover is just awesome, It will project your lens from damage while moving to places while on shoot. I am surprised that the front adapter did not make any scratches to the lens hood. The screw thread is very smooth and it just glide to lock the adapter to the front hood of the lens. It feels sturdy and GND filter slides into the slot with little push and it holds tight.. You dont have to worry that GND filter might fall. Finally i thank Lynn Radeka for all the guidance and support in getting the product delivered on time.

Graham Carter, USA Here are my thoughts on use of the filter:
1. Superior quality to it's French and English counterparts.
2. If you are using an EOS 5d Mark II I can actually say there is less (significantly less) color shift than it's English counterpart.
3. The sleeve it comes in is high quality.
Final thoughts: Not only will I be purchasing again, but I see little point in looking anywhere else!

Lorenzo Pederzani, Canada Just received the order today and initial impressions are excellent. Great packaging and stunning build quality. Light-years better than the two times more expensive (Lee) SW150 Filter Holder Kit. Such a well machined product. Thanks again for your help and look forward to shooting with it.

Joerg Dullinger, Germany The ND1000x is just an amazing filter, I did some extensive testing during the past few weeks and I have never used a ND filter with that small amount of color movement to warm tone! Simply amazing.

Javier Jimenez, Spain I am very happy with this filter system. Youtube video by Javier. Javier's review blog: Facebook Progrey group:

David Martin Castan, Spain Review of the Progrey G-150X and Genesis Truecolor filters:

Alfonso Domínguez Lavín, Spain Review of the Progrey G-120X and Progrey filters:

Javier Jimenez, Spain Review of the G-150Z filter holder: The Progrey G-150Z is an evolution of the G-150X which I have been using for more than 3 years. My overall impressions after about 6 months of intensive use are very satisfying. It is very good quality - just take it out of the box and you can see the sturdiness and really good finish. It fits perfectly on my Nikon 14-24 lens and the filters fit and adjust without any gap or misalignment.

Everything in general is quite positive and I do not find any weak point. This version, in addition to mounting on the Nikon 14-24, also has several other mounting possibilities: Tamron 15-30mm, Sigma 20mm, Zeiss 15mm, Canon Ts-e 17mm and can also mount to 77mm and 82mm lenses by using the Progrey Z series adapters.

Youtube and other video reviews at:

Richard Lawrence-Day, UK Just wanted to let you know that my filter arrived today and I'm delighted! The quality exceeds that of my Lee filters, optically and cosmetically. Also, you're the only place I could find a 4-stop reverse grad (with the exception of Singh-Ray), which is in my mind essential on occasion for properly balanced/exposed sunrise/sunset shots - my 3-stop sometimes just ain't enough!

Please carry on making great filters and providing great service!

Archie McCafferty, Australia I just received my 4 stop reverse graduated filter a couple of days ago, and was able to test it yesterday. Just holding the filter told me this is a quality product - the laser gold lettering and product code on the bottom section of the filter is a nice touch! Another observation is the rounded edges which make insertion and removal from your filter holder effortless. The filter itself fits precisely into my filter holder with just the right amount of resistance - instilling reassurance that it won't fall out!

In use the reverse gradation is spot on level and shooting seascapes, easy to align to the horizon. Reviewing my images I can confirm that the filter does exactly what it's designed to do - the evenness of exposure confirmed the light reducing value of 4 stops in the darkest section of gradation and with no color caste when used alone, and minimal caste when used in conjunction with other filters. Having previously used filters from Cokin, Lee, Hitech Formatt and Singh Ray, I testify to the Progrey filter being a match to some and considerably better than the rest!

And I've left the best bit for last: the Progrey is the cheapest of the 100 × 150 reverse grads available!! You can check out my images (flickr user name: archie0) and those of other Progrey users on flickr. Thanks Progrey for great filters and filter holder systems!

Lincoln Harrison, Australia G-150X initial review/comparison to the Lee SW-150:

Chuck Hooker , USA I launched my new Facebook page today... and the first entry is ... for ProGrey.

I was on the beach this morning, and did a side by side comparison of the Lee and Progrey 3.0 filters. As it happened, Keith Briley was there leading a tour. I showed him the images in camera; he was blown away! Chuck hooker's review of Progrey:

Leslie Degner, Canada The G-85x stuff and the ClearWhite system arrived. Wow! ...thank you very much. The G-85X filters and holder have found new homes in my photo vest and I will be using them the next time I am out shooting.

Darwin Wiggett, Canada Wow does it look impressive! I am happy to share the filters in a demo this weekend in Toronto

Petar Kremenarov, USA I tested the Progrey system this week. The only thing I can say is it is Perfect !

Sue Atkinson, Australia I will definitely get my husband to write a review, not only about the quality of the product (which we already know is outstanding – one of our friends already has one and raved about it), but also about your excellent customer service. You have been so pleasant and easy to deal with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company. Reviews: PROGREY FILTER HOLDER AND 10 STOP ND FILTER . Facebook: LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS NETWORK If anyone is looking for a filter system for an UWA Nikon or Canon lens, have a look at Progrey. I recently purchased a holder system and 10 stop ND filter for my 14-24mm and am very impressed so far. The build quality is excellent (metal, not plastic), no light leakage and minimal colour cast. On top of all that, the service you receive from Lynn is amazing (ie: good, old fashioned service). I am not affiliated with the company in any way - just wanted to share my experience for those who may be interested.

Yao Liu, USA I just receive G-100X and 77-77. So satisfied with them. Thank you so much.

Paul Davies, Australia Thanks for your 150mm ND filters, they arrived late last week. They are very well made and as advertised, very little colour shift.

Zhangxiaowen Gong, USA Both the holder and the filters are of stellar quality. I can hardly find any color shift from the ND1000 (only some negligible raise in color temperature), and the degeneration in contrast and sharpness is also well controlled.

Feng Qiu, USA Thanks for your help on processing my order. I can't wait to use the holder system. After my recommendation, another guy in US placed order from your website.

Ronaldo Chang, USA I received the package today. Just like what I expected, everything is perfect. Thank you !

Jan Strandström, Finland (Progrey and ClearWhite) I must confess that I am very impressed how well everything is made. So far I am very pleased with the build quality and how easy it is to use. Now I have my first week with the Progrey system and I absolutely love it. Very well made and performs really good.

Eduard Pages, Switzerland It arrived well and in perfect condition. I really like it. Well manufactured and also the pouch is very useful. All in all, very happy. Thank's again for your nice support.

Alfons Fratschöl, Switzerland The PROGREY G-150X holder for the Nikon 14-24mm zoom lens arrived yesterday. Everything is perfect. Many thanks for your excellent service.

Michael Zheng, USA The products look great! I tried the Progrey 10-stop IRND today and am very impressed. Here is a sample image shot with the Progrey 10-stop ND1000X:

Evan Baines, USA I'm happy that I purchased this filter system instead of the Lee kit, as it allows me to use my existing filters in conjunction with square grads. (Excerpt from a review on

Michael Tang, USA I took the (Progrey items) to Utah...The images are better than I expected and the filter quality and holder quality are excellent. Those (Progrey) guys are even better than other brand names. Your shipping was fast also.

Steven Harris, UK My filters arrived safe and sound in Salisbury, UK. I am off today to try them out. I would like to say the whole system is so well made and the cases etc are both practical and neat. The 150x170 filter sleeves have a little window to put the size/type, I cut the sticker off the silver film bag and slid into the window .. that works well!

Matteo Arizzi, Italy I test the (ND) filter quite good and I think that it's a wonderful nd, much better than Lee.

Dariusz Gemza, Canada Thank you so much for the follow up. It really shows that you care about your customers. I must say your customer service is one of the best I have experienced so far. ....your excellent customer service is what separates you from bigger companies such as Lee and Format Hitech etc.

The filters are superb, totally neutral as you advertised. I confirmed this by placing the filters over my ceiling lights and the difference between Progrey and 84dot5 was night and day. I'm really happy with how it was packaged and shipped within a timely manner. My Gf and I also loved the feel of the filter, you can tell it's a high quality product. Many of my comrades use Lee and Format Hitech but I think I'm going to surpass their expectations with Progrey.

Toni Diaz, Spain After following another thread on Nikonistas I finally decided to buy the cpl82-77mm adapter and the G-150X holder system. There are several ways to set filters to 14-24 from cheaper to more expensive cost reaching almost double.

The G-150X and adapter I bought it directly from the American progrey website. I bought the 77mm adapter. To my rationale for using other lenses. From the date of purchase to get my hands have gone 14 days. The package has arrived without Customs duty thanks to Lynn Radeka. Product quality is excellent, all metal. Engages like a glove 14-24. It consists of the holder and rear unit and has the option to attach the 77mm adapter for other lenses. You change it in 2 seconds by pressing a screw that secures the adapter.

Here is my review on the Nikonistas forum:

Felipe Gracia, Spain Review of the Progrey 0.9 soft GND filter posted at:

Claudius Ettlinger, Switzerland The parcel has already arrived. This was a quick delivery, indeed. (The parcel went through customs more than smoothly.) The build quality of your products is awesome. I am eager to try them out.

Stephen Lam, Australia Thank you so much for your excellent services. This demonstrated your excellent customer service. With your fantastic support, I can now use these new GNDs for my photo trip!!

Franz Josef Kovacs, Austria Perfect! This is the reason why I "LOVE" US-business people: they are "fast an professional"! Nice greetings from the other end of mother earth!

Peter Nicholls, USA I am really impressed with the quality of the whole system and plan to try it out on an upcoming trip to Yosemite. I'll let you know how it all works out!

Faris AlMazrouei, USA I received the 14-24 holder. Amazing piece of metal - thank you for making a solution for this lens at good price.

Michael Rogers, USA I received the filter holders and adapters today and am really impressed with the quality. Can’t wait to use it.

Tai Luong, USA I received the lens holder and filters and installed it on my Nikon 14-24mm. It fits very well on the lens, and the filters fit well on the holder.... The filters easily move up/down. I can tell the Progrey holder is better than the Nisi holder.

Carlos Resende, Portugal In Iceland I was able to use and test all the (Progrey items I received) and I must admit it was a very positive experience ! High quality materials used in construction, excellent finishes and great optical results on use. So positive that I stopped and sold my 100mm system that was composed by Lee and Formatt Hitech Filters.

Salvador Colvee, Spain I received the gear today! I am still in the office but opened all the boxes and checked that everything is ok. The material looks first quality and incomparable to Lucroit which I had last year. Thank you in advance because the custom didn’t charge nothing to me.

Brian Gillett, Canada I recently decided to invest in a decent set of filters. After considerable homework I decided to go with the progrey system. When I received my order I was immediately impressed with the build quality and design of the holder. I was equally impressed with the filters as well as the filter holder pouches. I look forward to ordering the additional filters that will be required to make my set up complete. The service and expediency of delivery was also great.

Pilar Dacruz, Spain After comparing other similar products from other brands ... I opted for progrey and it was no mistake! The filter holder (G-150Z) is of very good quality and very easy to attach, since it does not require you to remove the lens.

Joshua Cripps, USA If you already own a filter holder system and simply want the best filter, get the Progrey. Even if you are on a bare bones budget it’s worth spending the extra $20 on the Progrey over the Lee since it will save you lots of time and headaches in post.

David Wingfield, Australia Appreciate your fantastic customer service. I love the reverse grad .9 i bought 4 week s ago with the 100mm holder

More to come ... please send us your testimonials and reviews.