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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I choose the best combination of holders and adaptors for my camera equipment?

A: The selection chart shows the majority of Progrey items available at this time and will help determine which products will fit your existing lenses.

Q: Which products allow me to use round (circular) filters?

A: All adaptors that begin with the model letters "CPL" allow the use of screw-in circular filters. CPL stands for circular polarizer, although any round filter will work.

Q: How can I determine which cpl adaptor will fit my lens and round filters?

A: All CPL adaptors show the thread sizes that will fit screw-in round filters and thread sizes for your lenses. The number immediately after "CPL" is the round thread size of any screw-in filter you may want to use. The second number is the thread size on the back side of the adaptor - this is the thread size that screws the adaptor into your lens. For example: a CPL82-77mm adaptor allows the use of 82mm round threaded filters and the adaptor fits a 77mm thread diameter lens.

Q: I own 3 different lenses, all with different thread diameters. What adaptors should I get?

A: In this case you have 2 different choices. You can get a separate adaptor for each lens thread diameter, or you can get just one adaptor to fit your largest lens and get Progrey ultra-slim step rings to make your other lenses match that adaptor. In the case of wide angle lenses, the fewer step rings used, the better (to prevent corner vignetting), so it would be ideal to get adaptors that specifically fit those lenses.

Q: I have a Nikon 14-24mm ultra wide angle lens. If I purchase the Progrey G-150X holder for this lens, can I use round filters as well?

A: Normally, no. The G-150X series of holders is designed to use only flat slide-in filters with either the Nikon 14-24mm wide angle or the Canon 14mm L II lenses. You cannot use round filters on any extreme wide angle lens that has a protruding front element.

Q: If I want to adapt a G-150X holder to my other lenses, is that possible?

A: Yes. Progrey now makes adapters allowing you to do this. The CPL82-82mm E adapter will allow the use of an 82mm screw-in round filter and it will allow you to attach that adapter to an 82mm lens thread (or other lens threads using Progrey step-rings). The CPL82-77mm E adapter will allow the use of an 82mm screw-in round filter and it will allow you to attach the adaptor to a 77mm lens thread (or other lens threads using Progrey step-rings).

Q: Does the G-150X holder allow the use of flat filters smaller than 6 inch (150mm) width?

A: No. Each Progrey holder is designed to accept a specific width of flat filters and cannot accept larger or smaller filter widths. The G-150X allows the use of 150mm (6") wide flat filters, the G-120X allows the use of 120mm (4-3/4") wide flat filters, the G-100X allows the use of 100mm (4") wide flat filters and the G-85X allows the use of 85mm (3-3/8") wide flat filters.

Q: I already own flat filters from another manufacturer. Can I use these with Progrey holders?

A: Yes, as long as the filter width approximately matches the Progrey holder and the filter is of the thin design - approximately 2mm thick. Most good quality filters on the market are thin design filters. However, ND square filters from other manufacturers, such as the Lee Big Stopper, will not fit Progrey holders without modifying the light-baffle black material attached to the filter.

Q: I notice some adapters do not have the letters "CPL" in the model number. How are these different?

A: Adapter models that do not have "CPL" in the model number do not have front threads for round filters. This makes the adapter even more compact, and of course you can still use flat slide-in filters with the accompanying Progrey holder. Many landscape photographers, including traditional view camera photographers, rarely use round filters, preferring flat filters instead, so this makes a more compact, convenient system for those photographers. However, keep in mind that you can always use a screw-in round filter between adapter and lens as long as the thread sizes match your adaptor/filter/lens combination.

Q: How does the Progrey ND1000X ultra (10-stop) round filter and the Progrey Genesis ND1000X (10-stop) square glass filter compare with other 10-stop filters on the market?

A: The Progrey 10-stop ND1000X ultra, extreme, and square Genesis filters are the highest quality 10-stop ND filters available anywhere. They are specifically made and quality-controlled to yield very minimal color shift and have received rave reviews by professional photographers worldwide.