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Javier Jimenez

About Javier Jimenez

Javier Jiménez was born in Burgos, a beautiful city in the northern Spain. He has been very passionate about photography from a very young age. Javier loves to "take his camera for a walk" and humbly states that he is not a professional nor does he make a living with this passion but has great moments of satisfaction from the accolades he receives from his friends and photographic colleagues.

Javier has been using ProgreyUsa products for many years and is extremely satisfied with both the treatment received from ProgreyUSA and the quality of their products. I hope to be able to help all those who have any doubts about the quality of Progrey's products. I am proud to have been recently added to the prestigious group of "Progrey Masters".

Although I like all kinds of photography, I particularly enjoy the challenges of night photography and landscape photography, including long exposure photography. Please feel free to follow my work and videos in my different social networks and in my blog, where I will share different photos, videos and reviews from time to time to help undecided photographers.

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