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Manuel Tobarra

About Manuel Tobarra

I made my first steps into photography, along with my older brother, when I was around 13.

I especially enjoy landscape photography and I try my best to portray the moment. Though I spend a lot of time working on post-processing, I always aim to keep my picture looking as close to the original one as possible.

Landscape photography serves me as a pretext to visit interesting and beautiful locations.

The last place my camera took me to was Iceland, which I consider to be a paradise for outdoor photographers.

I would like to steadily improve my technique by means of practice and continuous learning, and I’ll always strive to get shots that better reflect my personal view of the landscape.

After more than a year using Progrey I am completely satisfied with Progrey filters. Most of the time I use the 14-24 lens with the Progrey G-150X filter holder. I normally use the Progrey Grad ND filters and occasionally the Progrey Neutral Density, specially the Genesis Truecolor ND Genesis 1000x. Manuel Tobarra is a Progrey Master photographer.

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