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ND filter test

REVIEW of Progrey Genesis ND filters showing the stunning IR blocking ability. For videographers and still photographers. By Stephen Hamacek, tested on a Blackmagic video camera. Youtube:

In the above screen capture from a video review by Stephen Hamacek, shot using a BlackMagic video camera, which is sensitive to infra-red contamination, the IR blocking benefits of the Progrey Genesis ND filter can clearly be seen. Note the cleaner rendition of colors compared to a competitor's ND filter. In the image of the competitor's ND filter, the black T-Shirt and the darker shadows are suffused with a Red-Magenta cast due to the abundance of infra-red light passing through the filter. The Progrey ND filter image, on the right, shows very clean blacks and dark grays due to superior IR coatings on the Progrey Genesis filter.


Comparison of ND 10-stop filters showing color and transmission quality.

Test performed by Progrey-Filters Corporation in 2014. Comparision of glass ND filters. Genesis achieves extremely minimal color shift with a pleasant natural color and adds no extra vignetting aside from the lens vignetting. High density ND filters normally add strong dark corners around the image (vignetting), but not Genesis and Aurora Extreme series filters. Genesis ND filters are made with a very strong anti-reflection and anti-static (anti-dust) coating.

None of the Genesis square filters create objectionable light leaks when used with Progrey holder systems.