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Tomasz Szatewicz / Land of Light Photography

About Tomasz Szatewicz / Land of Light Photography

Tomasz Szatewicz was born and grew up in North East Poland in a town surrounded by forests, rivers, lakes and meadows. This close connection to nature was always very important and inspires his photography to date. Tomasz's interest in photography began during primary school when he used to take photographs with analog cameras and spent many hours processing films and prints in old fashioned darkrooms. He gained a MA degree in Fine Arts and worked for years as a graphic designer but always felt photography was the medium that fascinates him the most. This passion grew over the years and lead to a professional photography business under the name of 'Land of Light Photography'. International recognition, awards in landscape photography competitions, great responses from fellow photographers and followers proved that he has chosen the right path.

Tomasz lives in Inverness, the capital of Scottish Highlands, which gives him the opportunity to explore, witness and photograph some of the most spectacular landscapes under unique conditions. He loves to capture the atmosphere of places, the play of light & shadows, the ever-changing Scottish light and weather, inspiring compositions, colours, shapes and textures. His love for the great outdoors, educational background, passion for photography and many years of experience found Tomasz offering 1-to-1 landscape photography workshops and photo tours in all locations across The Scottish Highlands and Moray, where he shares his passion, experience and tips. These individually tailored workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels who would like to improve their skills and take the next step into the world of landscape photography.

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