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G-150Z/G-175Z Adapters for Threaded Lenses

  • $49.00

Progrey "Z" series adapters for the G-150Z and G-175Z filter holder. These adapters allow you to attach the G-150Z or G-175Z holder to threaded lenses, including the new Zeiss Milvus 15mm ultra wide lens. Constructed of aerospace aluminum assuring ruggedness and light weight. Please note that this "Z" series adapter is not compatible with the G-150X holder. This adapter only fits the G-150Z and G-175Z holder.

These are unique Progrey "CPL" style adapters, with front threads so a circular polarizer can be attached to the front of the adapter.

To determine the proper adapter for your lens, the second number of the adapter number must match your lens filter thread size. For example, if you're using the G-150Z holder on a Nikon 24-70 lens, which has a filter thread size of 77mm, you would choose the "CPL82-77mm Z" adapter. With that adapter you can attach any round 82mm filter to the front threads of the adapter. The G-150Z and G-175Z can also be adapted to the new Zeiss Milvus 15mm lens with the cpl95-95mm Z adapter.

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