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Canon TS-E 17mm adapter for G-120X filter holder - BELOW WHOLESALE COST

  • $49.00

CPL adapter for attaching the G-120X filter holder to the Canon TS-E 17mm lens.

This adapter has front threads for a round 105mm filter. The unique design allows for the smooth and easy rotation of a polarizer filter from behind by means of a ridged ring.

The adapter allows for a full 6.5 degree shift of the TS-E lens in any direction without vignetting. This is the approximate limit of "useful" shift even without the adaptor without introducing vignetting.

Included is an all metal lens cap which screws into the 105mm front thread of the adaptor. The lens cap has 4 small tabs which correspond to the recessed notches in the TITAN 105mm cpl, allowing easy removal of the cpl. Also included is a high quality soft fabric bag with 2 zippered compartments and extra-large zippers to facilitate quick opening and closing.