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G-100Z Adapter - Progrey - NEW PRODUCT!

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The adapters for the G-100Z filter holder allow you to attach the holder to your lens (or several lenses). They also allow the use of the new Progrey Antarctica round polarizer and ND filters using the new rapid-attach magnetic feature. Since Antarctica filters have no threads, they simply attach to these adapters by means of a magnetic attraction. This adapter is also needed to use the G-100Z holder and 100mm slide-in filters, up to 3 at a time (in addition to any Antarctica round filters!).

A unique feature of Progrey 100Z adapters is a knurled rotating ring making it very easy to adjust an Antarctica polarizer from behind the camera. The knurled ring can be easily accessed from either the left or right sides of the adapter. Because of the large ridged surface, it can even be adjusted while wearing gloves.

Progrey filter holders and adapters are machined to tight tolerances using extremely lightweight, ultra-hard aerospace aluminum and anodized to an elegant, flat black finish to eliminate unwanted flare and reflections. The G-100Z and G-120Z holders have even more metal strength and integrity than the G-100X and G-120X holders, while still maintaining very light weight.

To select the proper adapter size, choose from the drop-down list. The number indicates your lens thread size. For example: If you want to use your G-100Z holder on a Nikon 24-70 zoom lens (which has a thread size of 77mm), you would select the 77mm size, which has rear threads of 77mm diameter to match the lens thread size.

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