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G-150Z Adapters for Ultra-Wide Lenses

  • $89.00

Adapters for the G-150Z filter holder. These adapters allow you to attach the Progrey G-150Z filter holder to a variety of ultra-wide lenses (shown in the drop-down list). Available either individually or bundled with a G-150Z or G-175Z holder. Separate adapters give you the ability of attaching the G-150Z holder to almost any other lens, making the G-150Z the most versatile system in the world.

Constructed primarily of lightweight aerospace aluminum, these adapters do not require you to remove your lens for installation! A single finger-touch lock button gives you speed and safety when removing the adapter from the holder.

Please note: The Tamron 15-30 Progrey ultra-wide lens adapter is also compatible with the newer Tamron 15-30 G2 lens.

Please note: The new Sigma 14-24 Progrey ultra-wide adapter will not cause vignetting when focussed at infinity, or when stopped down to f/8 or beyond, at 14mm, unlike cheaper brands on the market.

The G-150Z adapters for threaded lenses (77mm, 82mm, 95mm and 105mm) are "cpl" type adapters and allow you to use your G-150Z or G-175Z holder on threaded lenses! This means the adapter also has front threads for screwing in round filters while using slide-in filters at the same time!