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G-150Z Adapters for Ultra-Wide Lenses

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Adapters for the G-150Z filter holder. These adapters allow you to attach the Progrey G-150Z filter holder to a variety of ultra-wide and threaded lenses. Normally, one ultra-wide adapter came with your purchase of a G-150Z holder. Separate adapters give you the ability of attaching the G-150Z holder to almost any other lens, making the G-150Z the most versatile system in the world.

Constructed primarily of lightweight aerospace aluminum, these adapters do not require you to remove your lens for installation! A single finger-touch lock button gives you speed and safety when removing the adapter from the holder.

The G-150Z adapters for threaded lenses (77mm, 82mm, 95mm and 105mm) are "cpl" type adapters and allow you to use your G-150Z holder on threaded lenses! This means the adapter also has front threads for screwing in round filters. These cpl adapters feature the unique Progrey sliding window design, allowing rotation of a round polarizer from behind the camera - even when slide-in filters are attached to the holder!