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Progrey G-120X Filter Holder

  • $129.00

The quality craftsmanship of every Progrey holder will be seen the moment it is taken out of the box. The Progrey G-120X filter holder is designed in the same fashion as the G-100X and G-85X, using a variety of Progrey adapters and/or step-rings for attaching to your lenses. The G-120X includes the same components as the G-100X but accommodates 120mm wide flat filters. It includes a pair of single clips, a pair of double clips and a pair of triple clips for using up to 3 slide-in filters at a time.

The Progrey G-120X filter holder is ideal for use on extreme wide angle lenses that have a "threaded lens barrel", especially on full frame sensor cameras, as well as normal to telephoto focal lengths. It is a perfect choice for lenses as wide as 16mm on a full frame camera, and can be used with the Canon TS-E 17mm tilt/shift lens as well. Because of the extra wide diameter, there is less chance of vignetting when attached to extreme wide angle lenses - even when using the triple filter clips! Consider this filter holder system if your widest angle lens is 16mm and has a filter thread lens barrel.

If you own a non-threaded ultra-wide lens such as the Nikon 14-24, Tamron 15-30, Zeiss 15mm, Canon 14mm LII or Sigma 20mm, the G-150Z would be the only choice to fit those lenses.

Progrey "X" series adapters (sold separately) must be used to attach the G-120X to your lens. These G-120X adapters are available in either "cpl" type or "slim" type.

NOTE: As of May 16, 2018, the G120X holder is available by SPECIAL ORDER only. Please inquire. Please consider the new, upgraded G-120Z. The new G-120Z will not use the same adapters as the G-120X. The new G-120Z will still accept the same 2mm thick filters as the G-120X holder.

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