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Progrey G-150X Filter Holder - For Nikon and Canon Ultra-Wide lenses

  • $169.00

Limited supply of the classic G-150X!

The quality craftsmanship of every Progrey holder will be seen the moment it is taken out of the box. The legendary Classic Progrey G-150X filter holder is specifically designed for the Nikon 14-24mm zoom lens and the Canon 14mm L II wide angle lens. This system is complete - separate adapters are not needed to fit the Nikon 14-24mm or Canon 14mm L II lenses. Adapters are available, however, to attach the G-150X filter holder to other lenses, making this holder system extremely versatile.

The G-150X filter holder comes with 3 pairs of filter clips: a single filter clip (for 1 flat filter), a double filter clip (for 2 flat filters) and a triple filter clip (for 3 flat filters). The G-150X comes with extra screws and an allen wrench for easy exchanging of filter clips. A lens cap is no longer included because of the inconsistent size of the Nikon lens petals.

The Classic Progrey G-150X, both the Nikon and Canon versions, are true works of art - meticulously crafted, like all other Progrey products. Leaders in their class, they are designed to minimize or eliminate potential flare when using high density ND filters, such as the Progrey ND1000X, without the need for custom modifications. These holders securely attach to your lens - protecting your valuable lens investment. The G-150X accepts 6-inch wide (150mm) flat filters.

The G-150X holder can also be used the Progrey "E" series adapters to allow the holder to be attached to threaded lenses.

For the latest upgrade to the Classic G-150X, you may wish to consider the G-150Z, which does not require removal of your lens.

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