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Progrey G-85X Filter Holder

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The quality craftsmanship of every Progrey holder will be seen the moment it is taken out of the box. The Progrey G-85X filter holder includes 2 pairs of filter clips which are easily interchangeable: a single filter clip (with one rail for 1 slide-in filter) and a double filter clip (with two rails for 2 slide-in filters). Stacking multiple flat filters has never been easier! The G-85X holder also includes extra screws and an allen wrench for easy exchanging of filter clips.

The Progrey G-85X filter holder allows the use of 85mm wide slide-in filters - a very popular and versatile size for both full frame and crop sensor cameras. This size is also widely known as the "P" series.

The G-85X system is unique, allowing a full range of "S" series ultra slim adapters without front threads for circular filters (circular filters can be attached between adaptor and lens, however). CPL type adapters are not available for the G-85X holder. The G-85X system is ideal if you're not using ultra-wide angle lenses on full frame sensors and if you seldom use circular (round) filters.

Adapters must be used to attach the G-85X holder to your lens. These affordable, light weight adapters are sold separately and are lens-size specific. A huge selection of adapter sizes are available. Simply determine the screw-in filter size of your lens barrel and that is the adapter size you need for that lens.