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REVERSE Graduated Neutral Density Filters 85mm x 120mm - Progrey

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Progrey REVERSE Graduated Neutral Density filters have the greatest density across the middle area and gradually fade to less density on one end and no density on the other. Ideal for bright sunsets where it is desireable to keep good detail in the sky and foreground, while controlling the excessive brightness near the horizon.

Made from optical quality, ultra-clear CR39 resin.  Very minimal color shift - best in class - for natural real-world results. Made with anti-reflection, anti-scratch surface in various sizes and densities. Thin 2mm design for superior optical quality. Will fit the Progrey G-85X (and many other brand) filter holders, including Cokin "P" size.

  • Minimal color shift - natural "real world" results
  • Anti-reflection and anti-scratch coatings
  • "Thin" series - approximately 2mm thick
  • CR39 Optical Quality Resin
  • Robotically dyed for consistent transition
  • 85mm x 120mm

Choose from several densities.