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TITAN GRADUATED NEUTRAL DENSITY Filters - 150mm x 170mm - Progrey

  • $144.00

New! Progrey TITAN GND filters. State-of-the-art modified CR-39 optical quality resin graduated neutral density filters in various densities. These filters will produce little to no color shift and are literally unbreakable! Superior scratch resistance and extremely durable compared to glass GND filters. Also, no vignetting (lighter density center and darker density toward the edges) will occur with Progrey Titan filters compared to all glass GND filters on the market.

TITAN GND filters have 10 ultra-thin protective coating layers on each side, including anti-reflection, anti-scratch and dust/smudge resistant coatings. Includes a beautiful premium quality, fabric bag with magnetic flap.

  • High-Quality modified optical CR-39 resin of the finest clarity
  • Extremely durable and scratch resistant unlike glass filters
  • Ultra clear, 99.7% transmission
  • Extremely even densities with minimal edge falloff
  • Minimal color shift - best in class - yielding natural results
  • Approximately 2mm thick for use in all thin design holders
  • Anti-reflection metallic coating with maximum clarity
  • Anti-static coating to make cleaning and handling easier
  • State-of-the-art Nano coating, anti-static, repels water droplets, waterproof
  • Resists smudges and fingerprints
  • Literally unbreakable - unlike glass filters!
  • No vignetting (edge darkening) unlike glass GND filters
  • Available in various densities from 0.3 to 1.2, soft or hard transition
  • 150mm x 170mm size - other sizes available by special order

Fits the G-150X and G-150Z filter holders and many other 150mm filter holders. Other densities available by special order.

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